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William Caroll Sypert
(Nov. 15, 1815 - July 18, 1885)
A native of Tennessee, William C. Sypert entered the
army of the Republic of Texas in 1836 at the age of
20. He returned to Tennessee and married Permelia
Benjamine Perry (1819-94) in 1838. After two trips via
covered wagon between Tennessee and Texas, they
settled permanently in Texas in 1849. A schoolteacher
and musician, Sypert served as justice of the peace in
Bell County, as postmaster at Bryant's Station in
1859, and as Milam County Judge, 1867-70.
William Carroll Sypert
Davilla Cemetery
From Davilla:
FM 487 (Davilla-Bartlett Road) west
1.0 mile to Davilla Cemetery.

William Caroll Sypert Hisotocial Marker, Davila, Milam, TX
Recorded 1985
William C. Sypert Grave, Davilla, Milam, TX
William C. Sypert & wife graves, Davilla, Milam, TX
Davilla Cemetery, Davilla, Milam, TX
Davilla Cemetery seen from FM 487, Davilla, Milam, TX

Graves of Wm. C. Sypert and wife
Old section of Davilla Cemetery -
Wm. C. Sypert grave is in middle of
Davilla Cemetery as seen from FM 487.
Sypert grave is at end of lane and to
the right
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Kathleen Carson
P.O.Box 551713, Dallas, TX 75355

I am a decedent of Byrd Whittington and granddaughter of James O. Whittington of Amarillo, TX.  I am seeking relatives of Bryd Whittington who did not migrate to Eastland County. 

When is the cemetary day for the Davilla Cemetery?  If possible, I would like to be there on that day.

Kathleen Carson
Daughter of Kathleen Whittington and Fred Hagaman