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In Justice's Court, Precinct No. 1
           Milam County
              No. 392

           R. C. Knipp
           Wm. Warmbold
   Filed the 5th day of Nov 1906


Note of Wm. Warmbold
For $100.62 1/2
County of Bxar
State of Texas
P. O. Address: San Antonio
7 miles from S.E-Route No. 1 -
                Box 111
Due 1 Oct., 1906

Filed Nov 5, 1906
C. A. Lankford J.P.
$100.62                 Bexar County, Texas                  May 21, 1906

On or before the 1st day of October 1906 I promise to pay to the
order of R. C. Knipp, Agent for the New American Lightning Rod Co., of Greenville,
Tenn, the sum of One Hundred---62 1/2 Dollars, without defalcation or discount for
value received.  Payable at First National Bank, Cameron, Tex.

And I hereby waive and renounce, both for myself and family the benefit of all
Homesteads and Exemption Laws of this State, and expressly covenant that I will not
claim any exemption of realty or personality as to this debt, it being for
improvement on Real Estate.  I hereby give a Mechanic's Lien upon the houses,
shops, barn, store, mill or other building on which the work is done, for the
further security of said payment.  All receipts given against this note, by any
one, are null and void.  Bearing interest from date, if not paid when due or on
presentation; and five per cent, shall be added each time this note is presented
and not paid.  Also a reasonable Attorney's fee shall be added if suit is brought
to collect this note, or any part thereof; the work being done on buildings which I
now own.

Any and all contracts, written or verbal, made by the parties taking this note
(unless embodied in the face of this note) are null and void.

                                                       Wm. Wormbold

If this note is transferred the New American
Lightning Rod Co., will not be responsible for its payment.
Default on Note - 1906
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