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Riddle Cemetery

If you have any information regarding this cemetery
- especially directions to the Cemetery or photos -
please send them to us for adding to this site. 
You will be given credit for info/photos
For more info: USGENWEB

Hello, Mr. Winn.

I just noticed, while searching the net, that you were kind enough to survey the above cemetery and post it to USGENWEB ARCHIVES. Than you for taking the time and effort to document this historic cemetery.

I have been attempting to visit this cemetery for numerous reasons and have been unsuccessful to date. I'm a member of the Milam County Historical Commission and Milam County cemeteries are one of my responsibilities.

May I ask how you accessed the cemetery?. Mr. L. B. Kubiak whose property backs up and surrounds the cemetery on three sides refused access and said that access is gained from property by the Aycock School. A Mr. William Moultrie  owns that property and I see no easements shown on the Milam County Appraisal District w/o crossing his private property.

The Riddle Cemetery is in trust to Milam County Judge David Barkemeyer so there are no private ownership/ restrictions involved there.

My cemetery visit objective is three fold:

1. Photograph J. D. Shelton's headstone to answer a Find a Grave website request. 

Also to confirm a interment discrepancy concerning J. D. Shelton in the Shelton Cemetery.

2. Photo-document all headstones for Find a Grave since only three of the 32 headstones photos have been posted.

3. Document the Riddle Cemetery for our website.

Mr. Winn, any assistance or contact information that you might give will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Jack Brooks