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RE: Hickory Grove Cemetery

We found the graves of Lizzy Degano and possibly John Delano, Sr., John R. Delano and Littleton S. Delano.

Since we have had three indirect inquiries in the Hickory Grove Cemetery, we thought we'd make some long term improvements to it next: clear the grounds, remove the dead trees and then address the headstones.

While I was mowing, Beth strolled into the woods behind the cemetery and found additional graves in the thick of the woods. It appears that Lizzy Delano and family members were interred near the edge of the cemetery grounds. As the woods infringed, less of the cemetery was cleared and Lizzy and "gang" were lost.  After a couple hours of chain sawing, pruning and mowing, they're now back in the fold albeit 101 years late. Suspected husband and sons are located in a row about 10 feet in front of Lizzy. We hope to get them re-erected next time that we're out there.

John & Beth Brooks - bjohnr2010(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

Hickory Grove Cemetery - Elizabeth Delano
Hickory Grove Cemetery - Delano
Hickory Grove Cemetery -  Delano
Hickory Grove Cemetery -  Delano

Hickory Grove Cemetery

CR 306

Photos by Jack Brooks
Gwen Gathings

Subject: Delano Family buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery


I am researching the Stanton family living in that area of Texas.  They are distant cousins of mine.  I found the information you provided regarding the Delano graves.  Elizabeth J Delano "Lizzy" was a Stanton.  Her son Littleton's death certificate indicates he was buried at another cemetery.  Your note said you would get their headstones set up on your next visit.  I was wondering if you had been out to Hickory Grove recently.  I would like to confirm that they are all there.  John Delano Sr., Lizzy Delano, Littleton and John Jr.  Your help is much appreciated.  Just would like to confirm that they are there.

Thank you,

Gwen Armstrong



Hello, Ms. Gathings.

Regarding your inquiry, I believe that you were referencing this post on our website;

I would like to refer you to attachment #1. This is from 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas Volume #1, pg. 372 which was written by Ms. Norinne Holman.  If you'll note the last paragraph, that is my only reference source of who might be buried in thee plots adjacent "Lizzy". These three temporary type headstones were located about 10 feet in front of her headstone. As noted in the above referenced link, these were found outside the previously cleared boundary of the cemetery. They appear to have been interred in a small section all by themselves. The metal I.D. plates were missing on the temporary markers.

Ms. Holman never found the Delano's when she and her father physically inventoried the cemetery headstones. She picked up on their interment while checking for death records related to the cemetery. My wife just happened to stumble across them while thrashing around in the adjacent woods. The only one initially visible was "Lizzy's". We then discovered the other fallen markers while raking up the brush, leaves and mower spoils.

I just found another post regarding the Delano's that I had forgotten about;  . I never did hear back from Tanner Delano if he and his father visited the cemetery.

An issue came up in another historical Milam County cemetery where dead trees were being pushed over and damaging headstones in the process. We pulled off the Hickory Grove project to address that issue and never had the time to return and continue the cemetery improvement project.

Ms. Holman's surname index to her books only lists one other Stanton in Milam County cemetery's. That being Mrs. E. Stanton(----Died 1905). I was unable to find a death certificate for her in the Milam County 1903-1920 Death Record Book. See attachment # 2.

I'm sorry that I'm unable to provide more detailed information for your genealogical study.


Jack Brooks