Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
Preserve America
Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Members of the Legislature of the State of Texas 1846-1939
1939 (377 pages)

The Men Who Made Texas Free 
published 1924 (359 pages)
by Sam Houston Dixon

Mercantile Union Directory
published 1854 (199 pages)

The New Encyclopedia of Texas
by Ellis A. Davis & Edwin H. Grobe
published 1926
Volume: I (1063 pages)  -   II (1179 pages)

Official U.S. Army Register 1861-1865
published 1865 (283 pages)

Pacific States Newspaper Directory
published 1894 (768 pages)

Personnel of the Texas State Government 1887/1889/1892
Volume:  I (1152 pages)II (393 pages)III (509 pages)

Prominent Women of Texas
by Elizabeth Brooks
published 1896 (252 pages)

Public School Directory - 1948-49
Publication by State Dept. of Education (132 Pages)

Rangers and Pioneers of Texas
by A. J. Sowell
published 1884 (426 pages)

Reminiscences of the Boys In Gray (1861-1865)
by Miss Mamie Yeary
published  1912
Volumes:  I (865 pages) - II (1063 pages)

Reminiscences of the Civil War
by Ralph J. Smith
(28 pages)

Roll of Honor
Names of Soldiers Who Died in Defence of the American Union
published 1866 (48 pages)

Romance and Tragedy of Texas History
by Sam Houston Dixon
published 1924 (351 pages)

Scraps of Early Texas History
by Mrs. Mary S. Helm
published 1884 (214 pages)

Spanish Activites on the Lower Trinity River 1746-1771
by Herbert E. Bolton
(48 pages)

Texas: Her Resources and Her Public Men
by J. De Cordova
published 1858 (386 pages)

The Rise, Progress and Prospects of the Republic of Texas
by William Kennedy
published 1841
Volume:  I (434 pages)II (553 pages)

Texas and the Texans
by Henry Stuart Foote
published 1840
Volume:  I (327 pages)  -  II (419 pages)

Texas, Past and Present
Edited by J. M. Rice
published 1900 (21 pages)

Texas and Its People
by D. W. C. Baker
published 1875 (727 pages)

Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory - 1884-85
Volume:  I (841 pages) - II (861 pages) - III (913 pages)

Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory - 1890-91
Volume:  I (1207 pages) - II (1111 pages) - III (1203 Pages)

Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory - 1914-15
Volume:  I (763 pages) - II (829 pages) - III (1091 pages)

Texas State Government - Biographical Sketches & Passing Comments
by  E. H. Loughery
published 1897 (246 Pages)

Texas: An Informal Biography
by Owen P. White
published 1945 (281 pages)

Texas, the Marvellous
by Nevin O. Winter
published 1916 (488 pages)

Texas: Sketches of Charactor: the Judiciary
by Milam
published 1839 (107 pages)

The Bench and Bar of Texas
by James D. Lynch
published 1885 (638 pages)

The Germans in Texas: A Study of Immigration
by Gilbert Giddings Benjamin
published 1909 (183 pages)

The History & Geography of Texas as told in County Names
by Z. T. Fulmore
published 1915 (332 pages)

The Jumano Indians in Texas 1650-1771
by Herbert E. Bolton
published 1912 (26 pages)

The Native Tribes About the East Texas Missions
by Herbert E. Bolton
published 1908 - (40 pages)

The Poets and Poetry of Texas
by Sam H. Dixon
published 1885 (388 pages)

The Rangers and Regulators of the Tanaha or Life Among the Lawless
by Charles Summerfield
published 1886 (436 pages)

The Texas Rural Register and Immigrant's Handbook
Compiled by J. Burke Jr.
Published 1875 - 96 pages

The Texas Women's Hall of Fame
by Sinclair Moreland
published 1917 (284 pages)

Types of Successful Men in Texas
by L. E. Daniell
published 1890 (879 pages)

Writers and Writings of Texas
by Davis Foute Eagleton
published 1913 (409 pages)

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