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                                     Rice Max Kennedy

#32 - Sheriff Rice Max Kennedy was elected on November 6, 1934; re-elected November 3,
1936, November 8, 1938 and served until January 1, 1941.

He was born at Port Sullivan, Texas on July 19, 1887 and grew to manhood in the east
Milam County community.

In 1911, he married Mary Henson*, and they had three children.

After her death, he married Frankie McKinzy and they had no children from their

Kennedy lived in Milam County for approximately seventy years.

He also served as constable of North Elm, Yarrellton and Ben Arnold.

Kennedy served as Sheriff during the days of the Depression and there was plenty of
action taking place at this time. Beer was made legal and the bootleggers were still in

One of the last and largest stills ever found in Texas was discovered and destroyed by
Sheriff Kennedy.

He was a Mason and was buried at Walkers Creek Cemetery in Cameron.

* 2012-08-09 - per Edward Kennedy - great grandson of Rice Max Kennedy - 1st  wife's
name was Mary Henson instead of Mary Hurson.

Sheriffs of Milam County, TX

Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
Rice Max Kennedy
Rice Max Kennedy