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                               Leonides Leonard Blaylock

#30 - Sheriff Leonides Leonard Blaylock was elected on November 5, 1918; appointed
November 22, 1918 to finish the unexpired term of Sheriff Allen Hooks who resigned due
to ill health, re-elected November 2, 1920 and served until January 1, 1923.

Sheriff Blaylock was elected a second time on November 4, 1924; re-elected November 2,
1926, November 6, 1928, November 4, 1930, November 8, 1932 and served until January 1,

L. L. Blaylock was the second of five children, born to Joseph and Mary Blaylock, on
September 22, 1874. He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, but at an early age, he
moved to Bell County.

After living near Moffat for a number of years, he then returned to the Branchville
Community in Milam County where he received all of his formal education in county

In 1900, Blaylock married Miss Jo Payne, of Branchville, and they had a family of five
girls and one boy.

Blaylock was a farmer and Branchville deputy sheriff under Allen Hooks, the Sheriff of
Milam County.

Blaylock moved with his family to Cameron, Texas in 1915 and served as deputy sheriff.

He became the eleventh sheriff to serve Milam County since 1874.

Blaylock was a rugged, red haired veteran who was able and eager to meet danger as a
regular requirement. He was fair, impartial, but firm and resolute when necessary.

Because of his spirit of neighborness, he made many friends and gained the respect of
all of the citizens of Milam County.

Sheriff Blaylock is the grandfather of former Cameron resident Drayton McLane, owner of
the Houston Astros.

With the family’s blessing, the chili served at the Astro’s ballpark is named for him ”
Sheriff Blaylock’s Chili”.

Sheriffs of Milam County, TX

Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
Leonides Leonard Blaylock
Leonides Leonard Blaylock
Badge worn by L. L. Blaylock
Sheriff L. L. Blaylock pocket mirror - campaign card
This is a "Pocket Mirror" campaign item from
Sheriff L.L. Blaylock's election bid. It has a
mirror on the other side. He gave them out as
his campaign card.