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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                 Giles Croxton Avriett

#27 - Sheriff Giles Croxton Avriett was elected on November 4, 1902 and served until
November 8, 1904.

Avriett was killed by a gunshot in the hallway of the Milam County Courthouse on June
20, 1905 by then Sheriff Robert Todd.

The two were once good friends but became bitter enemies; some thought over politics or
the local option campaign. They were twice opponents running against each other for the
office of Sheriff.

A bullet hole remains today in the door facing of the County Courtroom and was preserved
for historic purposes during the 2001 courthouse renovation project. A plaque was also
placed near the hole citing the events of that day.

Avriett also served as Constable in the Maysfield area prior to being elected Sheriff.

Avriett is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Cameron.

Avriett was married to Ida Cretola Massengale. Their children were Lena, Giles Croxton
Jr., Lucille, William, Lola, Frances Myrtle and Bess Louise.


Giles Croxton Avriett
Giles Croxton Avriett