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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                      John B. Wolf

#22 - Sheriff John B. Wolf was elected on November 5, 1878 and served until November 2,

He was born in what was then Izard, now Baxter County, Arkansas on December 25, 1840.

Both of his parents died while he was yet a child, and thus deprived of the care and
guardianship natural and proper to his age. He grew up, however, a sturdy youth, and
with the assistance of relatives and industry on his own part acquired some knowledge
from books, with which supplemented with a fair measure of pluck and energy, began life
for himself at the age of seventeen, coming at that age - 1857 to Texas.

From 1857-1860, he made his home in the northern part of this State where he was
variously engaged as farm hand, teamster, brick-maker and school-teacher.

John B. Wolf returned to his home state just before the opening of the Civil war, and
there entered the service of the Confederacy in May, 1861, enlisting in Company I,
Fourteenth Arkansas Infantry.

He entered the army a private but was made captain of his company at Corinth,
Mississippi in 1862 and commanded it from that date until the surrender.

He was never wounded but was once captured, and imprisoned.

He received his discharge at Marshall, Texas in May, 1865.

From 1865-1869, Captain Wolf resided in Arkansas engaged in farming.

He came to Texas in April, 1869, and settling in Milam County, farmed for three years,
after which he engaged in the mercantile business in Davilla and Rockdale.

He was elected Sheriff of Milam County in 1878 and held the office for two years. The
offices of the Sheriff and the Tax Collector were then in one, the duties being
performed by the Sheriff. They were separated during his term, and in November, 1880, he
was elected Collector of the County. He held that office since, having been re-elected
to it every two years.

Milam County had very few men more popular than he. He was plain in manner and speech,
easily approached and in all of his intercourse in life his conduct is marked by the
utmost sincerity and cordiality.

Capt. Wolf was made a Mason at the age of twenty-one, and had taken the Royal Arch and
Council degrees. He was also the commander of Hercules Council, American Legion of
Honor, and Protector of the Grand Lodge of Texas of the Knights of Honor. He also held
the office of Worshipful Master of the San Andres Masonic Lodge in Cameron, Texas from

He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and Superintendent of Sunday schools.

In September, 1866, Wolf married Agnes Adams, a daughter of Esquire J. D. Adams of
Marion County, Arkansas where Mrs. Wolf was born and raised. Their union resulted in the
birth of five sons and two daughters: Charles D., Nellie, Thomas M. (b.4/23/1875), Penn,
John O., Wyatt L. and Minnie.

Sheriff Wolf died in Cameron on February 8, 1918 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.


John B. Wolf
John B. Wolf