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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                    James D. Nunneley

#17 - Sheriff James D. Nunneley was born on March 4, 1837 in Carroll County, Arkansas.

James D. Nunneley was appointed postmaster of a village called Harrisville located in
Bell County, Texas. (This village no longer exists.) The appointment was made on
February 22, 1865.

After moving to Milam County, he was first appointed constable on March 3, 1868 by
General Winfield Scott Hancock’s special orders No. 48.

He was later appointed Sheriff by General Joseph Jones Reynolds, special order No. 148
on June 23, 1869. He served until December 3, 1869.

He was married to Lucy Sparks (b. 1856 in Mississippi, d. 1936 in California). They had
three children, Ida (b. 1869), Joseph Alexander (b. December 23, 1873), and Donneley.

The 1870 Federal Census shows J.D. Nunneley, age 33, as Sheriff of Milam County.

In 1872, after his term as sheriff, it is believed that he moved to Pleasant Hill, Wood
County, Texas.

He died about 1873.


James D. Nunneley
James D. Nunneley

Milam County TX Sheriff