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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                            George Washington Thatch (Thach)

#15 - Sheriff George Washington Thatch (Thach) was born in in Tennessee around 1826.

He came to Milam County around 1859.

He was elected on August 4, 1862; appointed August 8, 1865 by Governor A. J. Hamilton
and served until September 1865 when he resigned.

The 1860 & 1880 Federal Census shows that he lived in Cameron, Milam County, Texas and
was a resident of Precinct 1.

Thatch was approximately 36 years of age at the time he was elected Sheriff of Milam

He was married to Ann Thatch and together they had six children, all born in Texas.
Children were Elizabeth (b. 1860), Benjamin (b. 1863), Milton (b. 1872), Nannie (b.
1875), Jesse (b. 1878) and Lidia (b.1880).

George W. Thatch died at his home near Cameron on September 11, 1900 and he was buried
in the family cemetery near Mrs. George Green's on Wednesday, September 12, 1900.

He was very old and was among the first settlers in the county. For the past few years,
he was almost deaf, but retained his energy to a wonderful degree.

He was highly respected by all.

Thatch had been a farmer, saddle maker, harness maker in addition to Sheriff. He was
also an adventurer. He went to California for the great gold rush and to Mexico for war.
He served in Company G, 2nd Tennessee Volunteers and also the Louisiana Volunteers.