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                               Jefferson Carroll Rogers

#11 - Sheriff Jefferson Carroll Rogers was born March 24, 1824, in Lawrence County,

Rogers enlisted in the Mexican War at Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi. He belonged to
Captain Jackson’s company of the Second Mississippi. Reub Davis, brother of Jefferson
Davis, was his colonel.

His company fought under Gen. Winfield Scott in all the battles of his campaign up to
Mexico City.

While in Mexico he was made a Mason in an army lodge on the battlefield at Buena Vista.

After the war, Rogers returned to Mississippi, but seeking further adventure, he came to
Texas in 1852.

On arrival in Milam County, Rogers came to the home of Rev. Joseph P. Sneed, a Methodist
preacher from Tennessee and worked on his farm for two years.

Rogers was elected Sheriff on August 7, 1854, re-elected August 4, 1856 and served until
August 2, 1858.

He married Nancy Caroline, the daughter of a Calvert minister.

Rogers was district Clerk for a number of years.

When the Civil War broke out he organized the first military company, "The Milam Grays."
They were mustered into Confederate service in August 1861, at Houston and were sent to
Dumfries, Virginia.

Rogers was promoted to the rank of colonel in Longstreet’s Corps of Lee’s Army. When
[Gen. Robert E.] Lee sent Rogers a courier telling him to hold the battle line at all
hazards, Rogers said, "Present my compliments to the general and ask him if he expects
me to hold the whole world with the Fifth Texas?"

Col. Rogers was so severely wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga that he was not able to
fight anymore. He was carried to his brother’s home in Perry County, Alabama, to

Upon his return to Cameron, he was elected county clerk, but "Carpet Baggers" removed
him, and Bill Holman, a Republican, replaced him.

The death of his wife occurred about this time.

By election, he was chosen chief justice of Milam County and served until 1875.

When the state constitution was adopted, he was chosen District clerk. He served until

He married Martha Reed Sparks in 1868 and they had six children.

He died Feb. 27, 1885. He had lost an eye and the minnie ball which he had received at
Chickamauga, he carried to his grave. He died of pneumonia and was buried in the Old
Pioneer Cemetery near Cameron.


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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
Milam County Sheriff Jefferson Caroll Rogers
Milam County Sheriff Jefferson Caroll Rogers