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                                      John McLennan

# 8 - Sheriff John McLennan was elected on July 13, 1846; re-elected August 7, 1848 and
served until August 5, 1850.

He was born about 1814 in either North Carolina or Walton County, Florida to Neill L.
(Pathfinder) McLennan Sr. and Christian Campbell.

He had three brothers, Neill Jr., Laughlin and Duncan and two sisters, Christiana and

Sheriff McLennan married Cara Wilson and together they raised four children, William
Bernard Erath, Eula C., John Calhoun and Emma.

After serving as Sheriff of Milam County, he and his family moved to McLennan County
where he was elected Sheriff from 1857 to 1859. He is the only Milam County Sheriff
known to have served the office in two different counties.

He served as County Tax Collector from 1865 to 1866.

Sheriff McLennan died on November 15, 1886 and he and his wife are both buried at the
Winston Family Cemetery near Minerva, Milam County, Texas.


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John McLennan