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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                    Jeremiah Adams Hood

# 6 - Sheriff Jeremiah Adams Hood was appointed on October 22, 1843 and served until
February 3, 1845.


Jeremiah A. Hood and his sister, Elizabeth M. Hood, believed to be children of Tunis
Hood III and Rachel A. Crofford (Crawford) of Mecklenburg, North Carolina.

Sheriff Hood was born May 7, 1811 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina.

It is believed that he first came to Texas in March of 1839.

He had the following siblings: John Allison, Phoebe Socelia, Andrew Jackson, Eleanor,
Jacob Shaver, Elizabeth H., Rachel Caroline and Tunis Harrison.

He married Mary C. Haynes (Hayns) on September 23, 1834. They had three children, James
Adams (b.1836), William Jeremiah, and Samuel Joseph (b. July 12, 1848).

Jeremiah Hood was a blacksmith and a farmer prior to and after his term.

Jeremiah A. Hood, like his brother, Joseph Hood, dealt extensively in land, either on
their own account, or as an agent for Robertson.

A deed, dated January 4, 1844 transferring a league of land on Elm Creek from J. A. Hood
to R.J. Jenkins. This is the same league originally granted to Joseph Hood by the
Mexican government and was part of Robertsonís Colony.

Jeremiah A. Hood apparently acquired this land as heir of his brother, Joseph Hoodís

Having served a two year term as sheriff, Jeremiah A. Hood was elected to the office of
County Clerk on February 3, 1845, and was commissioned on March 10th of that year.

The Milam County land records, page 168, shows a survey for Jeremiah A. Hood of 320
acres of land situated 7 miles west of the Brazos River and the town of Nashville.

According to the Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846, Jeremiah A. Hood was listed on
the 1846 poll list for Burleson County, Texas.

Hood died in May of 1890. He and his wife are buried in Queens City, Cass County, Texas.

Jeremiah A. Hoodís sister Eleanor married James N. Flanniken about 1818. They had a son
born to them on July 18, 1819. His name was Robert H. Flanniken, who was elected on
February 3, 1845 as Sheriff of Milam County, Texas and served until July 13, 1846.

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