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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                      Ordera Watson

# 5 - Sheriff Ordera Watson was elected on June 6, 1843 and served until October 22,
1843 when he resigned.

He was born in about 1801 in South Carolina.

He married Rebecca Clark on May 5, 1825 in Walton, Co., Georgia.

He arrived in Texas in December 1839 and received 640 acres in Milam County, as a
married man.

Sheriff Watson and his wife had eight children: Eleanor (abt. 1827), Cordelia (abt.
1829), John C. (abt. 1832), Elizabeth (August 1, 1834), Zelphia (abt. 1838), Thomas
Hardin (abt. 1842), Julia (abt. 1844), & James P. (September 22, 1845).

The Texas State Archives holds a Petition of Michael Boran and 110 others, Memorial #
239, File #63, Letter M, where “Oldera” Watson signed the petition in the Republic of
Texas, requesting the county seat be placed in Caldwell and proceedings in both Caldwell
and Nashville be declared legal.

Sheriff Watson arrested Littleberry B. Franks in 1843. Franks was a former commander of
the Texan artillery during the siege of Bexar. Seems Franks had been charged with the
murder of a Henry Castledine. During the storms and darkness of the night, on or about
July 10, 1843, Franks escaped custody of Sheriff Watson. Watson issued a fifty dollar
reward for his recapture.

Watson reportedly resigned his office in shame after this incident.

Ordera Watson died sometime around 1846, possibly in Burleson County.