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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                     Samuel A. Cheairs

# 2 - Sheriff Samuel A. Cheairs was elected in February 1838 and served until sometime
in June 1839 when he died.

He was born in 1814 and came to Texas in 1832, a single man. On May 25, 1835 he received
his entrance certificate #256.

Samuel Cheairs was a member of the San Augustine Volunteers in the Texas Revolution.

He amassed a large estate which included 4600 acres in the present day Anderson County.
He also received a large land grant from his participation in the Texas Revolution.

He married on February 12, 1838 to Lucinda Votau. Her father was the Impresario of the
Votau Colony near the Austin Colony.

Cheairs and his wife had three children, Susan, Green and Samuel Jr. who all became
wards of his fathers estate after his death.

One source has it that Cheairs died in 1851 in Houston County, Texas.

No photo has ever been located.