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Researched and written by
Greg Kouba
                                Thomas Augustus Graves

# 1 - Sheriff Thomas Augustus Graves was born December 11, 1812 in Caswell, North
Carolina. He emigrated to Texas in 1831.

He was elected as the first sheriff of Milam County on February 5, 1837. This was the
first official election. The origin of Milam County began on December 12, 1836 when
President Sam Houston called for an election to be held on the first Monday for county
officials, and it was on that day, February 5th, that Thomas A. Graves was elected.

His duties included the assessment and collection of taxes.

He served until he resigned in February 1838.

He received title to one-fourth of a league of land in Robertson's Colony situated in
Milam County, November 10, 1835. In the Headright Certificate issued to him February 4,
1838 for three-fourths of a league and one labor of land by the Board of Land
Commissioners for Milam County, it is stated that he came to Texas in 1831.

It is also stated that he had married in June 1837, to a Miss Celeta Bailey.

On the army rolls in the General Land Office, Mr. Graves is shown as having enlisted in
Captain Sterling C. Robertson's Company of Rangers on January 14, 1836. This company
disbanded shortly afterward.

He was a member of Captain Jesse Billingsley's Company of Mina Volunteers at San Jacinto
and on November 20, 1851 was issued Donation Certificate No. 337 for 640 acres of land
for having participated in the battle.

He received Bounty Certificate No. 337 for 320 acres of land for his services in the
army from April 8 to July 8, 1836.

Mr. Graves was a surveyor in the Mina (Bastrop) Municipality in 1835.

The Probate records of Washington County show that Mr. Graves died in his brother, Dr.
John H. Gravesí home in Independence, Washington County in 1861.

He was also a member of the Independence Masonic lodge.

He is buried at the Independence Cemetery.

George W. Graves was appointed administrator of his estate March 9, 1861.

Note: Deputy Greg Kouba & Deputy Reese Lockett searched the Independence Cemetery on
March 6, 2002 and were unable to locate a gravestone or marker.

The photo below is a scan of his signature found on his will at the Washington County
Clerk's Office in Brenham, Texas