Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Miscellaneous Photos
Sipe Srpings, TX  School Students - 1914
                              Sipe Springs, TX School - 1914

Row 1: Clyde Diver, Floyd Vinton, Emerson Vinton, Fritz Hairston, (Dog Rover),John Diver,
Howard Sides, Coy Prewitt.

Row 2: Aggie Diver, Frankie Diver, Frank Diver, Bill Prewitt, Charlie Diver, George
Blackmon, Jimmie Sides, Bob Hairston, Ray Vinton, Alice Diver, Mary Booth, Dora Prewitt,
Coulter Diver, Ivy Diver

Row 3:Mrs Ed Diver, Mary Diver Knight and Baby Owen, Estell Collins, Pearl Cloud Diver,
Mary Smith, Ella Diver Cora Diver, Madie Sides, Ollie Diver. Henry Diver. Frank Booth,
Dugan Vinton, W. D. Wheeler, Teacher.

Row 4: Lowell Hairston, Dick Hairston, Ervin Smith, Willie Diver.

Photo courtesy of Jeanne Diver Goff

Milam County, Texas Map - 1920
Milam County, TX map - 1920
Dick Fritz shows Martin & Beverly Hills (with son Don) their new home in Westwood, Rocdkale, TX
The very first residents of Westwood in Rockdale (1950s)

Dick Fritz (Alcoa Property Manager) shows Martin, Beverly, and Don Hillis (on tricycle) their new home.