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Gary Northcutt, Les Davenport, Doug Davenport at Alamo.
MILAM MEN AT ALAMO - Three Milam County men took part in the annual fall of the Alamo re-enactment on Saturday in San Antonio. Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Gary Northcott (left), Les Davenport and Doug Davenport, who portrayed David Crockett, participated in the event that marked the 177th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo.

Rockdale Reporter - March 14, 2013
World War  Draft Recruits
World War I Draft Recruits

Draft Board and Recruits during World War I.
Draft board members were:
H.C. Meyer, top right;
Dr. I. P. Sessions, top left; Rev. W. E. Copeland, top center, in front of door. 
Recruits are unidentified.
Variety Store Receipt

date unknown
Watching the Races at Rockdale Texas Fair 1912
"Watching the Races at  Rockdale, TX Fair"

ca. 1912

Photo courtesy of
Susan Guillote Mulford
Lelia Batte and daughters Mary Belle Batte and Lelia Batte
R, L, Batte home
Lelia Batte with daughters
Mary Belle and Lelia
ca. 1915

photos courtesy of Melanie Coody


R. L. & Lelia Batte House