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Nov 21, 1930
Jeter Lumber Company,  Cameron, TX
Bill Alex Bonds, Tax Assessor - Collector - Milam County, TX
Drivers License Holder - compliments of Jeter Lumber Company, Phone 16, Cameron, TX
distributed by Bill Alex Bonds - Milam County Tax Assessor and Collector.

A. W. Adams, Superintendent           Caldwell Public Schools      E. E. Darby, High School
                                     Caldwell, Texas

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H. P. Cobb, President
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C. H. Moore
C. B. Oliver
Mrs. J. W. Skrabanek
H. H. Womble
J. R. Woodson

                                                                                     December 20, 1940

Mr. Lee Caywood
Rockdale, Texas

Dear Mr. Caywood:

Our truck driver was at your place yesterday to see about some sand to be used on our building here in
Caldwell. He quoted your price at 10 cents per load in quantities such as we shall need.  I think we are going
to have to have about 100 loads.  

The road into the pit is too bad now to haul any more this week.  As soon as it is dry enough we shall start a
regular haul.

                                                                        A. W. Adams


(NOTE:  This sand was taken from Sandy Creek and was a very high quality of sand - almost
as if it had been washed and screened. No harm was done to Sandy Creek because after
every rain the sand washed in and replenished itself.)  
Letter from Caldwell High School to Mr. Lee Caywood dated December 20, 1940.