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Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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1915 Cameron Texas downtown
Cameron, TX
Cook's Style Shop, Rockdale, TX
Cook's Style Shop - Rockdale, TX matchbook

"I purchased my "going away" dress, velvet
hat and velvet purse  at Cook's Style
It was located to the east of Ashbys
Confectionary in Rockdale....
there was the Rockdale State Bank on the
Corner of Ackerman/Cameron, then Horton's
Barber Shop, Ashby's Confectionary and then
Mrs. Cook's shop. 
It was a great business still in 1953."
Comments by Joy Graham


"My maternal grandmother is Dora Orr Poole. 
She moved to Rockdale in 1882 and taught
school in Bushdale and San Gabriel.  In 1886
she  established millinery stores in
Rockdale, and also in Mumford and Lott.  She
was in business for many years with Mrs. H.
G. Murphree and the store was called the
Flora/Dora Shop.  They sold the business to
Christine Cook who operated it as Cook's
Style Shop.  I know very little about her.  I
do know that she was related to Christine
Payne, probably an aunt - and it was on the
Watson side.  The store was located in the
area where Perry and Perry and their auction
show next to them is located.  It opened onto
Cameron Avenue.  (I think that Mrs. Cook's
name was Christine but I am not absolutely
comments by Dr Lucile Estell
Cook's Style Shop, Rockdale, TX ca 1950s
old Rockdale High School
Old Rockdale High School
date unknown
Read the History of Milam County
as collected and published in the
1936 Rockdale High School Yearbook.
1924 QSL postcard - Rockdale, TX
P. H. Perry Jr 1924 QSL postcard
P. H. Perry Jr
QSL postcard
1930 Milam County, TX Public Health Nursing Service stamp
1930 stamp
Milam County Public Health Nursing Service