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                             Park, Parade Highlight Juneteenth
                               Rockdale Reporter - 2016-06-23

                                    Food, Fun & History

History was on the minds of those who celebrated Juneteenth with a parade and an
afternoon - evening long picnic Saturday in southeast Rockdale.

Juneteenth, of course, commemorated the announcement June 19, 1865, of the end of slavery
in Texas and is a cherished day of remembrance.

In Rockdale, 2016, the Juneteenth observance also coincided with the “rebirth” of Moultry
Park behind the former Aycock Center.

City Manager Chris Whittaker noted that restrooms have been built and painted in Aycock’s
purple and gold colors by volunteer Mona Zimmerman.

A plaque commemorating blacksmith Paul Moultry has been installed.

A bus stop-shelter at the park has been renovated and a plaque installed there noting the
history of the Aycock school.  


All credit for this article goes to
The Rockdale Reporter
City Mananger Chris Whittaker (right) outlines improvements at Moultry Park prior to start of Saturday parade.
City councilman Leroy Phillips and wife Doris served as grand marshals for Juneteenth parade.
Music maker Lynda ‘Lady Lynda” Ford gives shoutout to parade marchers as they pass in revue on MLK Drive.
Parade drew all ages, and all types of vehicles, on route through neighborhoods.
Twirlers strutted their stuff and there were also some four-footed entries as annual Juneteenth parade wound its way from Aycock School to Sumuel Park where remainder of day’ activities took place.
Aycock Juneteenth Parade - 2016
Aycock Juneteenth Parade - 2016
Willie Phillips
Doris Phillips
Aycock Juneteenth Parade - 2016
Aycock Juneteenth Parade - 2016
Aycock Juneteenth Parade - 2016


Artist Mona Zimmerman was a special guest for the Juneteenth celebration held Saturday at Moultry Park and Sumuel Park. Zimmerman volunteered her talents to paint the new restroom complex at Moultry Park, now complete. Zimmerman even did research to match the exact shade of purple used in the AHS school colors.
Mona Zimmerman mural
Mona Zimmerman
History commemorated for all
Rockdale’s Juneteenth celebration Saturday involved remembering not only national history, but also a great deal of local history. Two plaques have now been installed near the former Aycock High School and were commemorates during a brief ceremony preceding the Juneteenth parade by City Manager Chris Whittaker. At left, this plaque tells the story of the Aycock school named in honor of B. Y. Aycock. The school continued to serve its community until the advent of desegregation in the 1960s. At right, a plaque commemorates the life of blacksmith of Paul Moultry, namesake of Moultry Park, which is located behind the Aycock school. Moultry Park isn’t new but has recently been upgraded with restrooms and new facilities.