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                   El Camino Trade Days planned for October in Milam
                         by Jay Ermis - Temple Daily Telegram
                                    September 9, 2012

The first annual El Camino Real Trade Days will be Oct. 27-28 at four locations in
Milam County.

The Trade Days route will follow the present El Camino Real National Historic Trail in
Milam County, which currently has 31 miles of venue for treasure hunters to navigate.

The trail has gateways in Cameron, Rockdale and Thorndale, with Apache Pass at the
center of the route. A variety of vendors and traders will be at various places in
towns and parks, Apache Pass and along the trail, selling their antiques, wares and
concessions for a unique selling and shopping opportunity for all.

The trade days culminate with a consignment auction 3 p.m. Sunday. The committee
welcomes individuals to bring whatever they would like to sell - from antiques to

This is a non-profit event. All monies collected from booth fees and/or auction will be
invested back into next year’s Tradin’ on the Trail.

Booths  are  available  at  Apache Pass,  Wilson  Ledbetter  Park  and Cameron, Wolf
Park in Rockdale and City Park in Thorndale.

A group of elected officials and business leaders from throughout Milam County came
together in July to discuss a plausible idea of developing a trade days route in Milam

Milam County Judge Dave Barkemeyer said El Camino Real Trade Days is a great idea.

“I look forward to it becoming a reality  for  Milam  County,”  he  said. “Currently,
getting the trail signage up is  top  priority  to  make  us  the  first county  to 
get  trail  identification  in place in the state.”

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, and other dignitaries will be on hand Oct. 8
for that dedication, he said.

“To have plans in place for the Trade Days event will show the rest of Texas and beyond
that Milam County intends to make the most out of having the national trail come
through our county,” Barkemeyer said.

“The Cameron Chamber of Commerce is pleased to participate with El Camino Real  Trade
Days,” said Cameron Chamber Manager, P J Jennings. “We look forward to bringing
visitors to Milam County to visit El Camino Real National Historic Trail and enjoy our

Thorndale Chamber president Brian Morton agreed.

“El Camino Real Trade Days is a great idea, for a special event that allows Milam
County and its communities the opportunity to capitalize on our history and unique
assets,” Morton said. “The Thorndale Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with the
Cameron Chamber of Commerce, the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, Apache Pass, and the El
Camino Real de Los Tejas National Historic Trail Association to combine our efforts and
promote this special event to help raise awareness of Milam County and the historic
trade route that travels through it.”

Rockdale Chamber President Deedra Jacob said they are “extremely excited to be part of
the event. “The Rockdale Chamber will work closely with the Cameron and Thorndale
Chambers as well as Apache Pass on executing the trade days.”

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El Camino Real Trade Days
Oct. 27-28 in Milam County
For information, call
254-697-4949 in Cameron;
512-429-1251 at Apache Pass;
512-446-2030 in Rockdale; and
512-269-8796 in Thorndale
or go to the website at