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                ‘Scratching in the Sand, Living in the Land of the Free’
                               Milam History by Joy Graham
                             Rockdale Reporter - 2012-05-31
                                         Part 2

The “Fruit Stand Song” was written by Ben Graham and Brooke Graham.

According to Bill Graham it was about a time in the 50’s when a man’s handshake meant
something, before our nation became a part of the world market and your neighbor was
usually connected with mutual good will.

The history was a window in time before Alcoa and Coastal Bermuda changed the county,
from a truck stop to an industry and cattle ranching.

Fruit Stand Song

“It was truly a joy growing up as a boy down around the old fruit stands,

“Trying to retain in my little bitty brain all the things that the grown ups said,

“Not to mention the smell or the stories they’d tell a bout the crops they grew on
their land, down in Milano, Texas at the old fruit stands.

“What did they have Daddy?

“They had squash and pataters and home grown tamaters and bushels of black-eyed peas.

“Big Black Diamonds, Charleston Greys and the Stripes they called the Jubilee.

“Produce perfection from any direction and truly a sight to see

“It was all about everything I am and what I’ll always be.

“They had fresh green onions picked this morning and crates full of turnip greens.

“All loaded up in the back of their trucks for the whole world to see

“Two for a dollar or three for six bits was the bar code of their kind

“Takes me back to a better place and a much better time.

“At the end of the day count the money they made saving nickels, pennies and dimes

“And reinvest as they knew best and get ready for a brand new day.

“They never looked at their clocks when it came to their crops it was hard work every

“Woman and a man just scratching in the sand and living in the land of the free.

“It was all about just feeding their mouth and standing on their own two feet.

Working 12 months out of the year 7 days of the week It was Gods’ grand plan for the
man of the sand and bounty for those that pleased,

“To savor the flavor of their sweet labor in the land of the sand and the free.”

All credit for this article goes to
Joy Graham