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                                       Bridge Park
                             Rockdale Reporter - 2016-02-11

NEWEST PARK — Clockwise from lower left, Tommy Doss, Sergio Mora and Placido Vega pour
permanent forms for two bridges which will form the central attractions for Rockdale’s
new Bridge Park on US 79 near Southwest Milam Water Supply. The bridges were moved to
town last year and have been on temporary piers. More park plans are in the making.

photo by Mike Brown - Rockdale Reporter

Bridge Park - Milam County TX
HISTORICAL REPORT — Geri Burnett, Milam County Historical Commission chair, presented
the MCHC’s annual report to the County Commissioners Court on Monday. The report
lists accomplishments of the commission during 2015. Mrs. Burnett also thanked Judge
David Barkemeyer and the commissioners for their continuing support of the MCHC.

With her are (L-R) commissioners Opey Watkins, Precinct 1; Donald Shuffield, Precinct
2; Judge Barkemeyer; John Fisher, Precinct 3; and Jeff Muegge, Precinct 4.

Rockdale Reporter - 2016-02-25


Geri Burnett, milam county commissioners
HISTORY — Milam County Historical Commission honored Bratten Thomason, recently retired Texas Historical Commission history director, for her support of the MCHC during her tenure. The bi-monthly meeting was held at the historic Friendship Church (1922). From left: MCHC Chair Geri Burnett, Dr. Lucile Estell and Thomason.

Rockdale Reporter - April 14, 2016

photo courtesy of Rockdale Reporter
Geri Burnett, Lucile Estell, Bratten Thomason
HEADED TO ROCKDALE — The century-old Burlington calaboose (jail) is headed to Rockdale.

County commissioners okayed the transfer in their Monday session.

Jack Brooks, volunteer historian, said the Burlington calaboose is one of four still standing in the county.

City manager Chris Whittaker said a shelter will be constructed and the calaboose would probably first be located at City Hall, then moved to the new police station when constructed.

Rockdale Reporter
May 12, 2016
Burlington TX Calaboose Jail
SERVICE AWARD — Delores Mode, Milam County Historical Commission’s longest tenured member, receives the Texas Historical Commission’s Distinguished Service Award on behalf of the MCHC. This award was presented in County Commissioners Court on Monday. This is the 25th consecutive year that MCHC has been so honored and Mode has accepted each one. The awards are on display in the County Historical Museum in Cameron. From left are Richard “Opey” Watkins, Pct. 1; Donald Shuffield, Pct. 2; County Judge David Barkemeyer and Mode; John Fisher, Pct.3; and Jeff Muegge, Pct.4.

Rockdale Reporter
June 30, 2016


Something new:  Checking out the I&GN Depot-Museum’s newest piece of railroad equipment are four of the 80 children and parents who attended the city library’s summer reading program finale Thursday. From left are Marcos Santellano, Mariana Santellano, Daniel Castillo and Mario Santellano. It’s a “speeder,” an eight passenger mini-car originally used to transport work crews over tracks.

Rockdale Reporter
Dewlores Mode receives Distinguished Service Award
Photo by Mike Brown - Rockdale Reporter
                                    Going Downtown
                            Rockdale Reporter - 2016-10-13

New, reflective signs, designating historic downtown Rockdale have arrived at City Hall and will be installed in various areas around the downtown blocks. City Manager Chris Whittaker showed off the signs to members of the Tourism Committee before one of its final meetings Tuesday. From left, Joan Ratliff, Rev. Kenny Ansell, Whittaker and Michelle Morgan.

Photo by Mike Brown


                                  Genealogy Lock-In
                                   October 21, 2016
                                12:00 Noon - 10:40 PM

In celebration of October as Family History Month, Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library in Rockdale, along with the Milam County Genealogical Society, will be joining the Genealogy Center of the Waco-McLennan County Library in its 16th Annual Genealogy Lock-in. This state-wide initiative to provide educational and research opportunities for family historians takes place on Friday, October 21, 2016 from noon-10:40 pm.  This is the 6th year that the Waco-McLennan County Library has spearheaded the collaborative effort to organize, provide and share programs remotely with libraries and genealogy societies across the state of Texas, and the first year for Patterson Library and MCGS to participate.

Programming, which is provided by live video feed, includes something for everyone:

Noon-1:30 pm: Genealogy 101: How to Get Started in Locating Your Ancestors: a beginners’ class for the novice family historian.

1:40 pm: Preservation Tips for Family Historians: Learn how to preserve your family documents/photos.

2:50 pm: Genealogical Resources of the Texas General Land Office: Learn about Texas land records.

4:00 pm: Introduction to Hispanic Genealogy Research: for those with Hispanic ancestry. 

6:10 pm: DNA Testing: What is it, what do the results mean, and how do I understand it all? DNA is a hot topic, so don’t miss out!

7:30 pm: Finding Your Slave Ancestors: will cover three distinct search strategies. 

8:40 pm: Paying It Forward, Recording OUR stories for Future Ancestors: Learn how to use technology to record your story.

9:30 pm: Genealogy Mecca - Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research: The final program for the evening includes an overview of the resources and services of one of the top national genealogical research libraries located in our backyard in Houston, Texas.

Lucy Patterson Library and the Milam County Genealogical Society will take part for the first time in this lock-in. The program is free, however, seating is limited. Anyone desiring to attend please call Linda Whorton, at 512-760-5790, or email: to register.

Although considered a "lock-in", participants will not be locked in the library! They will be able to come and go as necessary, as the programs are presented on a video screen. Light refreshments will be furnished, along with an hour dinner break for those who would like to go to a local restaurant for a more proper meal. If preferred, you may bring a sack lunch. Drinks will be provided. Everyone is invited!

Linda Whorton
Newsletter Editor
Milam County Genealogical Society




(GAUSE) A Gause property has been certified with the National Parks Service.

The El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail Association on Friday announced that the property of Joyce and Michael Conner in Gause has been entered into the Landowner Certification Program through the National Park Service.

The agreement certifies that Gause property as a swale, or remnant of the El Camino de los Tejas National Historic Trail.

With the agreement, the property will get additional planning and preservation assistance.

The property is said to be within the boundaries of the Rancheria Grande archaeological site here in Milam County. That site is thought to be the former meeting grounds of 22 indigenous nations.

The Conners are now the 2nd family to have land certified through the program. Kit and Linda Worley, owners of Apache Pass, have also had their property certified.