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George Sessions Perry
George Sessions Perry
The son of Andrew and Laura Perry, George Sessions
Perry was born May 5, 1910, in Rockdale.  In 1933, he
married Claire Hodges of Beaumont.  Four years later,
he published the first in a long line of Fiction and
non-Fiction stories and novels, many of which were
based on people and events from his growing-up years
in Rockdale,  As a World War II correspondent, he
brought first-hand accounts of the War to readers of
"The New Yorker" and "The Saturday Evening Post", 
Perry won several major awards, including the 1941
National Book Award, before his death in 1956-1957.
Historical Marker: George Sessions Perry, Rockdale, Milam, TX
Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman
Rockdale, TX  76567
Read the December 27, 1952
Saturday Evening Post
article on
"The Town Where It Rains Money"
written by
George Sessions Perry

Erected 1992