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Westbrook-Walker Cemetery
From TX36, east on CR236 across RR track, 7
big turns to a bridge made from a cut out RR
tank car, then about 1/4 mile on the right.
Note that actual cemetery is 1/4 mile SE of
Georgia native Ervin Westbrook and his wife
Rachel McCorra Walker left their Mississippi farm
for Texas in 1858. They were joined by Rachel's
brother, John H. Walker, and his family. The two
families settled in this area in 1859. The
cemetery began with the burial of Walker's wife,
Mary Frances Wells, in 1864. It served as a
graveyard for the Westbrook and Walker families
and a number of their neighbors until the last
burials here in the early 1920s. Among the 20 to
30 people buried here are Civil War veterans
Ervin Westbrook, William P. Walker, and John
Sesquicentennial of Texas Statehood 1845 - 1995
Erected 1995

photo courtesy of
Sharon Davis
El Paso, TX
The cemetery is located on private property.  To visit, please make arrangements prior
to your visit by calling Lyn Gillen - 254-697-4588.

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