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Site of Friendship School
From Davilla, FM437 towards Rogers; turn right
on FM1915 - 4.0 miles to School
Friendship School
Erected 2003
Site of Friendship School
In 1846, John Marsden Graham of South Carolina
settled in this area.  After he died of typhoid
fever, his brother, Edward Wesley Graham, came in
1856 to take over his estate.  By that time
Edward Hampton Ross had also settled here. 
He came from Mississippi in 1852 with his family,
including his father, the Rev. David Ross, and
his siblings.  E. H. Ross's land adjoined the
Graham property.
The families built a wooden schoolhouse on the
southern border of the Ross property.  The children
began attending classes, and the Rev. Ross held
Sunday Church services that October.  The
families called the school "friendship" based on
the close ties they had formed. The Friendship
Methodist Church developed from these early Church
services , and the school became Granger Common
School District No. 1.
In 1874, the W.T. And Margaret (Madison) Walker
family arrived in the area and soon bought a school
for the younger of their nine children who could
not make the trip to the Friendship School. In a
riverbank shack, Margaret's sister Fanny Madison
taught children at what became the Lilac Common
School No. 2 also known as Aplins Chapel or the
Clay Creek School.  Common School No. 3 began in a
Church of Christ Tabernacle on the Davilla to
Cameron Road.  It was referred to as "who'd-a-thought-it", reportedly because it was in
an unlikely place for a school.
In 1914 Friendship School District  opened a larger structure to accommodate the growing
population.  The building also served as a Community Center.  In the 1930s, the
Friendship School merged with the Sharp School District which consolidated into the
Rockdale District in 1964.  The Building continued to  serve the Community for many
Friendship School Historical Marker, Friendship, Milam, TX
Friendship School, Friendship, Milam, TX
Friendship School, Friendship, Milam, TX