Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas
Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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First United Methodist Church of Cameron
S. Travis & W. 2nd St.
Cameron, TX
This congregation began as part of the early Methodist
missionary effort in Texas. A camp meeting was held in 
Milam County in 1841, four years after the first
Methodist preachers came to Texas. By 1847, the Rev.
Josiah  Whipple had helped to organize this church.
Until 1885 the Methodist congregation in Cameron was
part of a  preaching circuit. Early ministers included
the Rev. Pleasant M. Yell and the Rev. John W.
Devilbiss. By  1885, the church had grown so that it
was given a full-time pastor, the Rev. J. E. Green.
Four years earlier,  in 1881, the congregation had
constructed its first church building, during the
pastorate of the Rev. J. H.  Collard. Larger
facilities were needed by the end of the nineteenth
century, and a new brick sanctuary was  completed in
1901. The current building was first used for services
in 1923. Over the years, First United  Methodist
Church of Cameron has provided significant service and
leadership to the community. The  congregation has
been host to the Texas Annual Conference of Methodist
Churches and has produced several  ministers from its
membership. Today the church continues to reflect the
ideals and traditions of its founders.
Erected 1984
Cameron First United Methodist Church