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              Milam County, TX Deputy Sheriff Gabriel Leander "Lee" Pool

                   “Tell my friends I died in discharge of my duty”

                  Date of Birth: July 6, 1858 in Perry Co., Alabama
               End of Watch: April 7, 1887 in Cameron, Milam Co, Texas
              Burial: Corinth Cemetery, Buckholts, Milam County, Texas
                     Served under Sheriff Andrew Jackson Lewis

                  Houston Daily Post, Sat., 9 Apr 1887, p. 4, c. 2

Cameron, Texas, April 8, 1887 - News was received here this morning of a serious shooting
that occurred in the southern part of the county. Deputy Sheriff J. H. Bicket, Lee Pool,
Constable McCalla and a Mr. Barber, went out to arrest one Jacobs. Lee Pool was killed,
Barber was shot in the head, which may result fatally, Bicket and McCalla were slightly
wounded and Jacobs got away after doing up the crowd, though he is said to be badly

Cameron, Texas, April 8, 1887 - Last night a sheriff's posse surrounded a house near
Rockdale to arrest one Jacobs, wanted in Gonzales county. Jacobs met the party at the
door with a Winchester rifle and opened fire at once, instantly killing Lee Pool, one of
the posse. The officers then fired on Jacobs, who retreated through the house, the
officers following. About 30 shots in all were fired, but Jacobs got out the back door
and away to the bush. Jacobs is known to be wounded, as he left a trail of blood. One of
the posse named Barber was struck in the head by one of Jacobs' bullets and may die from
concussion of the brain. Officers Bickett and McCally received several bullet holes
through their clothes, but are unhurt. Jacobs has not yet been captured.

                               “LEE POOL’S MURDERER’S”
                    Houston Daily Post, Wed. 13 Apr 1887, p 4, c. 4

Cameron, Tex., April 12 - Sheriff Lewis has increased to $250 his reward offered for the
capture of Will Jacobs, the murderer of Deputy Sheriff Pool. The officers arrested four
men down in the Yegua country on suspicion of harboring Jacobs. The officers with
difficulty prevented a crowd of armed men, which shortly gathered, from lynching the
suspects. His aged parents have the sympathy of the entire people in their grief at this
untimely end. He was buried today at Corinth church, 25-miles from where he was killed.
Jacobs has long been known as a desperate man, and has for sometime past, by the
assistance of friends, been eluding arrest in this county. He is wanted in Frio and
Gonzales counties for murder, and is thought to be one of the parties who liberated the
convicts on Clay's farm in Brazos county, at the time of Deputy Sheriff l. P. Smith was
killed. Our people are greatly shocked over this tragedy, and are giving all the aid in
their power to the officers, and it is understood that a liberal reward will be paid for
the arrest of Jacobs.

What Happened to Will Jacobs?

We received an email on April 24, 2002, which states that William B. “Speckled Bill”
Jacobs was a distant relative of the writer. Jacobs reportedly went to prison for the
killing of Milam County Sheriff’s Deputy Lee Pool. Jacobs was reportedly arrested in Frio
County, Texas on September 25, 1888 and transported back to Milam County. The County had
offered a $150 reward for his arrest and the State of Texas had offered a $250 reward.
Jacobs reportedly spent time in prison and was later pardoned by the Governor. After
leaving prison, he returned to the Jacobs Ranch in La Salle County, Texas, where he spent
the rest of his life. He is reportedly buried in the Covey Chapel Cemetery in Frio
County. He was also wanted for murder in Frio and La Salle Counties.

                             Sheriffs' Department - Cameron
                  Galveston Daily News, Tues., 12 Apr 1887, p. 2, c. 3

Cameron, Tex., April 11, 1887 - All sheriffs and other peace officers are earnestly
requested to keep sharp lookout for Will Jacobs, the murderer of Deputy Lee Pool. Jacobs
was recently shot in the right hand and was riding a brown, pacing pony with a Spanish
brand, going in the direction of Wilson and Goliad counties, where he has relatives. His
face is a little dished and freckled on the face and neck; nearly 6 feet height; weight
about 165 pounds; has sandy or red mustache, inclined to be stiff. His hair is light -
some describe him having red hair. The coat he was wearing has splotches of blood on it.
He carries a Winchester rifle in a scabbard. There has already been $150 offered for his
arrest, and it is understood from a reliable source that the governor will offer a
suitable reward for him.

       "Cameron - The Reward for Jacobs Increased - Intense Excitement Prevailing
                           Wed., 13 Apr 1887, p. 3, c. 2

Cameron, Tex., April 12 - Sheriff A. J. Lewis has increased his offer of reward for the
capture of Will Jacobs the slayer of Deputy Sheriff Lee Pool to $250. Jacobs is still at
large but will doubtless soon be captured. The sheriff is using every means for his
apprehension. While scouting for him in the Yegua regions the officers arrested four
persons on suspicion of harboring Jacobs, and assisting him in eluding his pursuers. A
threatening demonstration was made by a score of armed and determined citizens, demanding
them for the purpose of summary vengeance, but they were foiled by the resolute front of
the officers in charge. The men were afterward released because of insufficiency of
testimony against them. Deputy Barber, reported to be fatally wounded at the time of the
killing of Pool, is now said to be mending with a chance of recovery.

Milam County Lawmen Killed in the Line of Duty
By Greg J Kouba

All credit for this article goes to Greg Kouba
Milam County, TX Deputy Sheriff Gabriel Leander
Deputy Gabriel Leander "Lee" Pool, killed in the line of
duty while serving the citizens of Milam County, Texas on
April 7, 1887. His name is inscribed on the National Law
Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington DC and on the
Texas Peace Officers Memorial in Austin, Texas
Milam County, TX Deputy Sheriff Gabriel Leander
In Honor of Milam County, TX Lawmen killed in the line of duty