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Milam County Lawmen Killed in the Line of Duty
By Greg J Kouba

All credit for this article goes to Greg Kouba
                         Milam County Deputy N.J. "Nat" Alford

                              Date of Birth: August 13, 1861
                               End of Watch: June 24, 1921
                       Burial: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Rockdale, Texas
                          Served under Sheriff:  L.L. Blaylock

       Deputy Sheriff N. J. Alford Instantly Killed in Automobile Accident Friday
                  Wheel Breaks down; Car turns turtle; all occupants hurt
                      From The Rockdale Reporter, June 30, 1921

Rockdale - Deputy Sheriff N. J. "Nat" Alford was instantly killed and Messrs. Ira Perry,
Dr. J. P. Sparks and J. T. H. Lipscomb more or less seriously injured in an automobile
accident which occurred at the George Rettig place three miles north of Rockdale.

The party had started to Cameron in Spark's Ford car with Dr. Sparks at the wheel.  Mr.
Lipscomb, an immigration agent for the S.A.A.P. was seated on the back seat with Mr.
Alford.  Mr. Perry had arrived the day before from San Antonio.

Just how the accident happened is not quite clear but it was probably from the breaking
down of the front wheel of the car making the turn at the crossing.  When the wheel
broke, the car turned over and landed in a ditch across the roadway.  Mr. Perry and Mr.
Lipscomb were thrown out of the wreck.  Dr. Sparks was caught under it while Mr. Alford
was pinned down, the running board of the car resting squarely upon his neck.  His neck
was broken, his jawbone shattered and death was evidently instantaneous.

Lipscomb seems to be the most seriously injured of the others, having internal injuries
in the region of his kidneys.  He was bruised and battered about the face, side and one
hand.  Perry received a dislocated shoulder, painful bruises and contusions.  He also
suffered a severe nervous shock and his condition for several hours was quite serious.

Rettig and son witnessed the accident from their home a few hundred feet distant and
hurried to the scene to bring the injured men to town.  The Henne & Meyer ambulance went
immediately and the body of Mr. Alford was brought in.  News of the event spread rapidly
and no tragedy ever occurred in Rockdale that had more universal interest of more
regretful comment.

After receiving first aid, Mr. Perry was conveyed to a private home.  Dr. Sparks was made
comfortable in Mr. Perry's private room at the office.  Mr. Lipscomb was taken  to the
hotel but was placed on the Sunshine Special and sent to his home in Houston.

Last reports about him are not the most encouraging but both Mr. Perry and Dr. Sparks
are, at this writing, making improvement and in due course will be able to get out again. 
The death of Mr. Alford comes as a shock to the entire community.  He was probably the
best known peace officer in Milam County, having lived here for nearly half a century and
for the great part of that time was commissioned as  constable or sheriff.

Nat Alford was a man of many friends, friends from all walks of life, and his untimely
death has cast a shadow of gloom in town and the surrounding countryside.  His funeral
was one of the most well attended in years, as told of in another column.

His name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington DC
and the Texas Peace Officers Memorial in Austin, Texas

Milam County Deputy N.J.
Milam County Lawman Nat ALford - killed in line of duty
Milam County Deputy Nat Alford on a
horse in front of the Rockdale City

Milam County Deputy N.J. "Nat" Alford

In Honor of Milam County, TX Lawmen killed in the line of duty