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Milam County, Texas
Milam County Historical Commission - Milam County, TX
Statue of Ben Milam at Milam County, TX Courthouse
Old Junior High School Building, Rockdale, TX
Milam County Courthouse - Cameron, TX
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                 Milam County
        Name                         Year
V. L. Buck Angell Farms             1881-1991
Atkinson Estate Farm                1874-1984
Beckhusen Ranch                     1841-1980
Berry Place                         1892-1999
Harold Biar Farm                    1898-1999
Brewer Ranch                        1871-1974
Bryant Station Simmental Ranch      1838-1987
Camp Farm                           1872-1974
Caywood Farm                        1899-1999
Crenan Ranch                        1882-1999
Cunningham Ranch                    1885-1986
Dan G. Davis Ranch                  1870-1984
Duncan Farm                         1858-1976
Emanuel/Edwin Fisher Ranch          1900-2005
Ford Ranch                          1880-1998
Gause 7-4 Ranch                     1856-1974
Geiser/Warschak Farm                1894-2001
Guthrie Estates                     1865-1981
Hargrove Farm                       1907-2007
Harlan Ranch                        1856-1974
Hensley Place                       1878-1978
*Jistel Farm -
    Beach Front Acres               1908-2010
*Jistel Farm - "The Land"           1908-2010
*Jistel Farm -
    C&A Klecka Place                1908-2010
Arnold Kornegay's 7K Bar Ranch      1892-1998
Lagrone Farm                        1874-1998
August Long Farm                    1882-1982
Graham Looney Estate                1874-1975
McQuary Farm                        1875-1980
McQuary Farms -
      David Ross/Sidney Ross        1876-1997
Mitchell Farm                       1885-2003
Nisbett Farm                        1854-1975
Old Walker Place                    1876-1982
Opal Schwartz & Lester E. Hanke     1901-2001
Patillo Ranch                       1874-1974
Pecan Spring Ranch                  1880-1982
Richards Farm                       1881-1991
Richter/Falke Farm                  1905-2005
Rocking Seven Ranch                 1887-1995
Roman IV Ranch                      1880-1981
Schreiber Farm                      1887-1987
**Shafer Farm
Smith Ranch                         1856-1974
John A. Smith Ranch                 1851-1974
Niley J. Smith Farm                 1851-1975
Sneed Farm                          1848-1974
Dean Stiles Farm                    1869-1976
Todd Farm                           1860-1974
Val Verde Ranch                     1868-1976
Von Gonten Ranch                    1882-1992
Waiser Farm                         1898-1998
J. C. Walker Farm                   1883-1983
White Home Place                    1874-2003
Worley Farms                        1898-2002
YX Ranch                            1892-2005

*  2010 honoree
** 2011 honoree

Texas Agriculture Commission
Family Land Heritage
The Family Land Heritage Program honors farms and ranches that have been in continuous
agricultural operation by the same family for 100 years or more. The program is
designed to recognize and chronicle the unique history of Texas agriculture and the men
and women who settled this great state and continue the tradition today.

Since the program started in 1974, the Texas Department of Agriculture has recognized
more than 4,200 farms and ranches in 232 counties across Texas. Fayette County has the
most Family Land Heritage honorees with 129 properties, Houston County is next with 86
properties, Austin, Medina and DeWitt counties are tied with 84 properties each and
Gillespie County has 83 properties.

In 2000, the Family Land Heritage Program started recognizing families who have kept
their farm or ranch in agricultural production for 150 and 200 years. Since then, five
ranches have been recognized for 200 years and 80 farms and ranches for 150 years of
Each year a ceremony is held to recognize the farms and ranches accepted into the
Family Land Heritage Program. Participants whose farm or ranch qualifies receive a
certificate of honor in the name of the farm or ranch. They can also obtain a Texas
Century Farm or Ranch sign to proudly display on their property and the family's
agricultural history is documented in the Family Land Heritage Registry.
Texas Department of Agriculture

How to apply for the Family Land Heritage Program