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In Justice's Court,
      Precinct No.
      Milam County
       No. 1184
George A. Hall vs.
   Tira White and Sandy White

Filed the 18th day of May 1914
     R. A. Nabours, J.P.

File No 1184

Affidavit and Bond in

Justice's Court
vs.{ Bond and Affidavit

Filed this 18st day of
               May A.D. 1914
R. A. Nabours
J.P. Milam County

The State of Texas
County of Milam}
We the undersigned Geo.
A. Hall and T. S.
Henderson (?) and O. L.
Kidd as Sureties,
acknowledge ourselves
bound to pay to Tira
White and Sandy White the
sum of Sixty-eight and
80/100 ($68.80) Dollars
conditioned that the
above  bound Geo. A. Hall
Plaintiff in Attachment
against the said Tira
White and Sandy White
Defendants will prosecute
his said suit to effect,
and that he will pay all
such damages and costs as
shall be adjudged against
himfor wrongfully suing
out such Attachment.

Witness our hands this
18th day of May, 1914
Geo A. Hall
T. S. Henderson
O. L. Kidd
Approved: R.A. Nabours
JP Precinct 1, Milam
County, Texas
The State of Texas

undersigned authority,
this day personally
appeared Geo. A. Hall
Who being by me duly
sworn, deposes and says
that Tira White and
Sandy White, the
Defendants are justly
indebted to him in the
sum of Thirty-four and
40/100 ($34.40) Dollars
which indebtedness is
now due and ayable, that
the defendants are now
about to dispose of
their property with
intent to defraud their

And that this attachment
is not sued out for the
purpose of injuring or
harassing the
Defendants; that the
Plaintiff will probably
lose his debt unless
such attachment is
          Geo A. Hall

Sworn to and subscribed
before me, this 16th day
of May A.D. 1914
     T. S. Henderson Jr.
Notary Public,
Milam County, Texas
Note: Rent was $6.00/month
Non-Payment of Rent and Food -
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the following court cases feature copies of the
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