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In The Name and by the Authority of the State of Texas:

The Grand Jurors for the State of Texas, and County of Milam, duly selected, tried,
impanneled, sworn, and charged, in the District Court of Milam County, at the April
Term thereof, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty five, to
inquire into and true presentment make, of all offenses committed within the body of
said Milam County, upon their oath do present in the District Court of said County,
that Thurman Riggan on the 15th day of Novembre, A.D. One thousand eight hundred and
eighty four in the County of Milam, and State of Texas, did then and there unlawfully,
willfully, feloniously, and fraudulently, take, steal, and carry away from the
possession of P. Hurt (?) the owner thereof one Horse without said owner's consent, and
with the fraudulent intent then and there,  on the part of him, the said Thurman Riggan
to deprive the said owner of the value of said property, and to appropriate the same to
his, the said Thurman Riggan own use and benefit, and against the peace and dignity of
the State.

                                                   (Signed)  J. T. Gambill
                                                  Foreman of the Grand Jury
The Democrat Job-Office, Cameron, Tex.

No 8406

The State of Texas
Thurman Riggan

Theft of Horse

A True Bill

T. S. Henderson, District Attorney

Returned into open Court by a quorum
of the Grand Jury, on this the 27th
day of April A.D. 1885
and filed same day.

                                  (signed by Clerk District Court)
                                 (signature illegible)
We the jury assess the
punishment of this defendent
at Five Years confinement
in the Penitentiary.

Filed 5th May 1885               J. W. Hood
(illegible signature)            Foreman
Horse Theft - 1885
Thanks to an anonymous contributor,
the following court cases feature copies of the
original paperwork as filed with the Milam County Courthouse.