The Turnham-McCown Cemetery is located in the near northeast quadrant of Milam County
near Cameron.

To reach the inactive, almost abandoned, but historical Cemetery from Cameron, take
State Highway 36 / 190 southeast for about two miles and cross the Little River bridge.
Take County Road 230 to the right. In three tenths of a mile, the rock wall of the
cemetery will be viewed to the right of a large barn and approximately 165 feet from the

Actual access to the cemetery is gained by proceeding another two tenths of a mile until
a driveway to a home is seen on the right. The cemetery is accessed via private property
and permission must be given by the owner, a Mr. Jason Moody, before entering the
property.  Please be respectful of this kind gentleman's property rights.

A very brief history of the cemetery may be found in 170 years of Cemetery Records in
Milam County, Texas, Vol. II Page 1165 by Norrine Holman.

Also numerous articles are in The History of Milam County, Texas, Matchless Milam.


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Turnham-McCown Cemetery

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