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Taylor-Mumford Cemetery
AKA Mumford Cemetery

FM 437

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Located in the western portion of Milam County on Farm to Market Road 437 between
Davilla and the Val Verde Community on the Old Ed Wilson Place, approximately 2 miles
southwest of Val Verde on west side of the road near Donahoe Creek or about 3 miles
northwest from Davilla on the west side of the road.

From Davilla, travel to just short of Donahoe Creek and on the left side of the road, a
gap fence will appear. Follow the dirt road to the northwest until the second gap in
the fence. Pass through the fence gate and turn to the left and proceed until the dirt
tank. (I am not local and have only viewed the area from satellite views, the tank does
show up but I am not sure if it would be full or not). On foot go up a slight incline
and after about a quarter of a mile, the cemetery can be seen among the trees and it is
covered in brush and briar vines. If it has rained, the walk up the incline may be

The following information was provided by Perry Holder in the November 1982 survey of
the cemetery.

"The earliest Burial recorded was Thomas L. Mumford's in 1861 and the earliest birth
year seen was J.M Mumford's in 1808. The oldest occupant is Sarah L. B. Mumford at 74
years of age. In one place it was recorded that Jesse Mumford was granted the land and
in another that David Mumford was granted one league of land from the Robertson's
Colony on March 20, 1835."


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Diana Mumford Cofer
6505 Huber Rd.
City : Seguin, TX  78155
Jesse and David Mumford were both given land grants in Milam county for fighting in the
Texas Revolution.  Both fought for the Robertson's Rangers (first Texas Rangers) after
the war.  While they were away, squatters came on their land and they did not chase
them away because they both had land in Mumford Texas.  Later, relatives tried to get
the land back, going all the way to the supreme court...but because they had not chased
them away, they lost their land.  There is another worse story of how the family lost
its land in Mumford...but since that does not apply to Milam County, there ends my

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Taylor Mumford Cemetery - Milam County, TX
Taylor Mumford Cemetery - Milam County, TX
Taylor Mumford Cemetery - Milam County, TX
Taylor Mumford Cemetery - Milam County, TX
Taylor Mumford Cemetery - Milam County, TX
Photos and update courtesy of Jack Brooks

UPDATE: 2014-05-01

The Mumford cemetery was visited 04/29/2014. The property owner escorted this visitor to the badly overgrown/neglected cemetery. He was greatly inconvenienced while assisting access to this site and I am very appreciative of his kindness. The cemetery appears to be toward the middle/ rear of the adjacent +/- 350 acres. A four wheel drive truck is recommended/required to transit the private entry road via locked gate. The cemetery was completely obscured on arrival to the heavily wooded, brushy site. Heavy pruning is required to safely gain access to the internal cemetery grounds. Many headstones have fallen and are broken. 
J. Brooks
Photos & Update courtesy of Jack Brooks