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Simmons-Jones Cemetery

From Rockdale - intersection of US 79/US77: 
South on US 77 for 7.6 miles; turn right onto CR
313 to Cemetery. Cemetery is on the left but is
not visible from the road.  There is no sign nor
road to the cemetery - you must climb a fence
and walk to the cemetery. 
        Also See Below directions
Simmons-Jones Cemetery with homemade concrete markers
Simmons-Jones Cemetery - Milam County, TX
The head stones are cement poured
into a tub that is resting at an
angle to create the shape.  The
names, when legible, were written
with a finger in the wet cement.
Some have been pushed/shoved by the
cattle that graze openly in the
adjacent fields
and in the woods.

The footstones are scattered about
and some are in a pile indicating
some human involvment.

The location for it as shown in
Google is not accurate unless there
was a cemetery in the middle of the
field I did not see. The actual
location is about 150 yeads
Southwest of the shown location and
about 30 yeards or so inside the
woods near that "point" that sticks

(Thanks to Jim McDaniel for the photos
and descriptions above)
Note: See important advance scheduling information at bottom of this post before visiting Alcoa.

Driving directions from Rockdale City Hall at the intersection of Hwy 79 (Cameron Ave.) and FM 487 south. Proceed south on FM 487 for 2.7 miles to the traffic signal at FM 2116. Turn right (west) and proceed for 6.2 miles to the Alcoa/Sandow guard shack with flagpoles. The road makes various curves with numerous side roads and it's possible to find yourself on the wrong road. Landmarks along the way to keep on course: Alcoa lake on right then pass 2 large plants on your right. When you see the coal slurry on your left, follow the parallel road to the guard shack. There will be various "No Trespassing" signs, but continue to the guard office.

There will be a parking area to the right immediately before the guard shack. Turn in there and park and check-in with the guards at the shack. They will direct you to the nearby Administration Bldg. (a few hundred feet away).

The contact there is Karolyn Puccio - Business Support Supervisor. Her Office telephone number is (512) 446-8681. Her cell phone number is (512) 760-5020.  Her email is

I found Karolyn to be very personable, helpful and supportive of families paying their respects to their departed family members. Special arrangements may be made regarding a recent death and needs for interment.

Important note; Alcoa administration is working with a very limited staff. Therefore they request that they have at least one week advance notice to line up retiree support staff to escort guests to the appropriate cemetery. Once a date has been lined up, it would be wise to confirm with Karolyn just prior to your visit to ensure an escort will be available. Also, many of the roads in Alcoa property are dirt and impassable after periods of heavy rain, so please keep that in consideration when scheduling a visit.

An added safety note; there are numerous large trucks and equipment on the grounds so please use extreme caution, especially at intersections and confined spaces.

Cemeteries on Alcoa property:

Richards, Richards Black, Simmons-Jones, Waddle, Barber, Miller on Alcoa, Bryant-Blassinggill aka Bryant-Massingill (possibly no longer in existence), Millerton (aka Freezeout).

Thanks to Jack Brooks for these directions