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Milam County Historical Commission
Milam County, Texas

San Andres Cemetery
AKA Lebanon Cemetery

From Rockdale: FM 908 north (7.2 miles from
city limits sign) to CR 432.  Turn left onto
CR 432 for 0.1 mile to cemetery on right

San Andres Cemetery, Milam County, TX
J. T. Swanzy
April 24, 1814

July 29, 1894
J. T. Swanzy, San Andres Cemetery, Milam County, TX
San Andres Cemetery, Milam County, TX
San Andres Cemetery, Milam County, TX

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A cemetery workday is planned for the 1st Saturday of each month!  9:00 AM - 12:00 noon.


Another workday is planned for March 2, 2013

A Work Day/Strategy Session is planned at the Cemetery for Saturday, February 2, 2013
(reasonable temperature and weather permitting) - 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon.  Please bring
saws, shovels, hoes, any such tools you may have. 
For info: Jack Brooks - 904-608-5555 - email:

Other workdays will be planned for future months.

It appears that someone and/or some group of people have been working to clean up this
cemetery.  There is still lots to do.  There are graves and markers back into the not-
cleared areas - Our Thanks to whoever is working on this clean-up!

If anyone is interested in helping clean up the San Andres (Lebanon) Cemetery,
please contact Mr Brooks.


I recently found San Andres cemetery while looking for Lebanon church / cemetery .I
discovered they were one and the same. This original church and ours (Friendship United
Methodist) were once served by the same horseback circuit riding ministers . I am in the
process of getting volunteers from our church to help clear and make improvements to the
cemetery . I researched ownership today ,in Cameron , and found that the Cravys conveyed
the property in trust to the county in the 1800's . I have a request before Judge
Barkemeyer to do the necessary underbrush clearing and improvements as we see fit . I am
awaiting his decision . Due to age and number of volunteers , this will be a slow but
ongoing process , but hopefully we'll be able to restore the cemetery to a more glorious

John Brooks
2300 Bel Air Dr
Taylor, TX 76574

The first in a series of monthly
first Saturday cleanups at the
San Andres/Lebanon Cemetery is
set for 9 a.m. to 12-noon
Saturday at the
San Andres/Lebanon Cemetery
on County Road 432, 0.3-mile
south of FM 908. Jack Brooks,
organizer, said underbrush
and fallen trees need to be
removed and the project
has the authorization of
County Judge Dave Barkemeyer
and the Milam County
Historical Commission.
Brooks can be
reached at 904-608-5555 or
Rockdale Reporter
January 31, 2013

                   Update on Clean-up of San Andres Cemetery - 2013

Below are some before and after photos of the cemetery. It's a work in progress and
there's considerably more to be done. If you would be so kind, would you replace some of
the less attractive photos of the cemetery, on the web site, with one or two of the
"afters". Also since it's getting too warm to do the heavy manual labor on the first
Saturday of the month, we're suspending Saturdays, at least during the summer.

Thanks for your time and trouble.
Take care,  Jack / Beth Brooks

Thanks go to the Brooks for organizing this clean-up along with taking these photos.

Volunteers are still needed.  Please contact Jack or Beth Brooks if you can volunteer any
time.  Email: or phone: 904-608-5555


The date on these photos is incorrect!  These were taken in 2013

Below are BEFORE photos of the cemetery.

Thanks to the hard work by volunteers spearheaded by Jack and Beth Brooks, this
cemetery has made a startling transformation! However, there is still more to do and it
will require care to maintain it. 
Even if you have no connection to the San Andres Cemetery, volunteering for such a task
is a rewarding experience.  If you cannot volunteer, please consider making a donation
for this cleanup.  Thank you.