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Jones Simmons Cemetery

The following information was rec'd from Jim McDaniel.


Jim McDaniel
9710 Tree Hollow Court
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Comments : I propose the following insertion to the Jones-Simmons Cemetery Listing. It
comes from material my brother recorded before his death.  I included the unprotected
status in the insertion because I don't even know where to begin to gain it some
protection or even marking. I doubt Alcoa even knows it is there but it should not be
forgotten.  I made sure my nephew (Chuck McDaniel) is aware of its location for the time
after I'm gone or the fact I live some distance away and cannot provide local
assistance. I hope you can help.


William Thomas (Billy Tom) McDaniel recorded as much of the legible stone inscriptions
as he could before they got in the mossy and dirty condition they are in today. From
left to right they read:

One: N.A. Simmons, 1/29/1816 - 1/25 (or 29)/1908

Two: J (or F) N. Jones, 8/9 (or 4)/1849 - ?/?/1902(or 1)

Three: Broken into many pieces by cattle in the fields/woods but appears to read Rebecca

Four: Presley Jones

Five: P.F. Jones 11/22/1846 - 1/?/1919

There appear to be more foot stones than headstones but I not sure that means anything.

This cemetery is on ALCOA property that is currently for sale. It is unprotected and not
marked in any way, either at the site or on the road. Charles L. McDaniel of Forest
Grove knows the location of the cemetery but it deserves some protection, if for no
other reason than the unique headstones found there. A clear cut or dozers could destroy
it in seconds.


JAC Note:  I would not be surprised if there were other family cemeteries located on
that property!