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Hamblen Cemetery

From Taylor, Texas go North on Highway 95 about 5 miles to sign that says Hare. Turn right and go exactly 12
miles.  This will be 2 miles past the town of Hare.  There is a white 2 story house on the left with green
trim and a green roof, with a tall flag pole in the front yard.  The cemetery is behind this house about a
mile down a gravel road.  At the end of the gravel road, the cemetery is off to the left about 1/8 th of a
mile through a plowed field in a grove of trees.  You can't see it until you get right up to it. The people
who live in the house do not own the pasture land.

In 1976, there was  a sign over the gate showing Hamblen Cemetery, but it is not there now. It is on private
property and in very bad condition. 
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