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Coxes Providence Cemetery

CR 242
The Coxes Providence Cemetery is located in the southeast quadrant of Milam County and
on County road 242 ten miles east of Cameron near Hanover. To travel to the rural
community of Coxes Providence from Cameron, in the north central part of the county,
drive south on Hwy 36/ 190 two point six miles to Farm to Market Road 2095 and turn to
the left. Continue seven miles to County Road 242 and turn to the left on the gravel
road and proceed one mile until the road takes a sharp turn to the left. A dirt road,
CR 242A, will be on your right at that bend, take it for 0. 3 mile. The active
cemetery is on the right hand side of the road, visible from the road. The cemetery
has two parts. The southern part is bordered by a barbed wire fence with  light blue
fence posts. It required mowing and string trimming when visited 09/05/2015.  The
northern section has no fencing and  portions  are overgrown with trees which conceal
some of the  headstones.  A portion of the above information is found in Norrine
Holman's 170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas.

Thanks to Jack Brooks for these directions and the below photos.

coxes providence cemetery
coxes providence cemetery
coxes providence cemetery
Photos by Jack Brooks