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Beal Cemetery

FM 485
If you have any information regarding this cemetery
- especially directions to the Cemetery or photos -
please send them to us for adding to this site. 
You will be given credit for info/photos
For More Info:


email rec'd 2015-07-01
Robert Humphreys
7780 S. Harrison Circle
Centennial, CO 80122
Phone: (three03) 74one-242two
The e-mail address given for Mr. Walt Pyle regarding the Beal Cemetery (on above link)
is no longer current.  Is there a new point of contact for the Beal Cemetery or does
Walt have a new e-mail address?  Thanks.

Email forwarded to MCHC members for help. JC

Mr. Humphreys, After researching the Milam County Appraisal District (MCAD) records,
it appears that Mr. Walt Pyle conveyed property ID 62204 to Mr. Pete Scarmardo on
03/12/2013. Mr. Scarmardo resides at 1893 FM 1362 N, Caldwell, TX. 77836. Directory
assistance lists Tel. # (979) two72-8four76. The Milam County Appraisal Disrict (MCAD
email is

I spoke with Mr. Scarmardo at 7:30 pm this evening (07/08/2015). I courteously and
diplomatically explained that the Beal(e) cemetery would like to be accessed by the
Milam County Historical Commission (myself) for photo documentation and to answer
pending 'Find A Grave' headstone photo requests.

I mentioned that you had "triggered" this inquiry and would possibly like to visit as
well (possibly concurrently in the future). 

Mr. Scarmardo felt that this would bring further attention to the cemetery and cause
more people to want to visit it and therefore need access to his property.

I tried to explain that the photo documentation on 'Find A Grave' would in all
probability lessen requests for a visit since the headstone and general cemetery views
would already be displayed on line. He declined access.

The State of Texas does have Statutes addressing this issue.

I thanked him and bid him a good evening since I believed that we had another access
arrangement possible. 

Section 711.041 of the Health and Safety Code states that any person who wishes to
visit a cemetery that has no public ingress or egress shall have the rights for
visitation during reasonable hours and for purposes associated with cemetery visits.
The owner of the lands surrounding the cemetery may designate the routes for
reasonable access. Section 711.0521 further states that interference with ingress and
egress is a Class C misdemeanor. Health and Safety Code section 711.012(b) provides
the Texas Funeral Services Commission the authority to write rules to support section
711.041 of the Health and Safety Code. These rules present a course of action that may
be undertaken in cases where access to a cemetery is refused. See Title 22, Part 10,
Rule 205.2 of the Texas Administrative Code. - See more at:

Before I write of the alternate access information, I'd like you to take note of
attachment #1.

Also on 03/12/2013, William Walter Pyle Jr. conveyed to William III & Lee & Karen
Spivey a 4 acre tract property ID 20515089. In doing so, I'm sure that an easement
exists on the existing dirt road out to FM 979. You'll also note that the Beal(e)
Cemetery is separately deeded as property ID 59684.

Attachment #2 is from reference; "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County,
Texas" Volume I, pg. 8, Written by Norinne Holder Holman. Ms. Holman has graciously
allowed the Milam County Historical Commission and the Milam County Genealogical
Society use of her material while answering inquiries.

I found a 'Pyle, W', 2577 FM 979, Cameron, TX 76520 in the phone book - phone: two54-
six97-403four. I attempted calling on 07/07/15 at 4:30 PM and 07/08/15 at 7:30 PM with
no answer. No answering machine or voice mail.

This needs to be pursued further.

The address puts the location in the general vicinity of the Cemetery.  The owner
contact information for property ID 20515089 (William Pyle III) is 1587 Goates Road,
Troy, Texas 76579. Directory assistance showed no telephone listing. Possibly a letter
written to Mr. Pyle at this address might be successful in locating someone local with
access rights. 

Before I proceed further, may I ask of your intentions at Beal(e) Cemetery?. Are
photo's satisfactory or are you interested in visiting and paying your respects? That
will determine how I proceed from here.

If you would care to take separate action, I have provided all the information that I
have to date. 

Respectfully, Jack Brooks


Mr. Humphreys,

I have received no response from Mr. W. Pyle (2577 FM 979, Cameron TX. 76520) regarding the written request for cemetery access. I believe that I have expended all of my local, non-legal enforcement (Section 711.041) avenues of access for you.

Jack Brooks