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The Inventory of the County Archives of Texas is one of a number of guides to historical materials prepared throughout the United States by workers on Historical Records Survey projects  of the Works Projects Administration.  The publication herewith presented, an inventory of the archives of Milam County, is number 166 of the Texas series.

The Historical Records Survey program was undertaken in the winter of 1935-36 for the purpose of providing useful employment to needy unemployed historians, lawyers, teachers, and research and clerical workers.  In carrying out this objective, the project was organized to compile inventories of historical materials, particularly the unpublished government documents and records which are basic in the administration of local governments, and which provide invaluable data for students of political, economic and social history.  The archival guide herewith presented is intended to meet the requirements of day-to-day administration by the officials of the count, and also the needs of lawyers, businessmen, and other citizens who required facts from the public records for the proper conduct of their affairs.  The volume is so designed that it can be used by the historian in his research in unprinted sources in the same way he uses the library card catalog for printed sources.

The inventories produced by Historical Records Survey projects attempt to do more than give merely a list of records they attempt further to sketch in the historical background of the county or other unit of government, and to describe precisely and in detail the organization and functions of the government agencies whose records they list.  The county, town, and other local inventories for the entire country will, when completed, constitute an encyclopedia of local government as well as a bibliography of local archives.

The successful conclusion of the work of the Historical Records Survey projects, even in a single county, would not be possible without the support of public officials, historical and legal specialists, and many other groups in the community.  Their cooperation is gratefully acknowledged.

The Survey program was organized by Luther H. Evans, who served as Director until March 1, 1940, when he was succeeded by Sargent B. Child.  The survey operates as a Nation-wide services of locally sponsored projects in the Division of Community Service Programs, of which Mrs. Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner, is in charge.

                                                        Howard O. Hunter
                                             Acting Commissioner of Work Projects  

Inventory of the County Archives of Texas
Milam County No. 166
Texas Historical Records Survey
June, 1941

Prepared by
The Texas Historical Records Survey
Division of Community Services Programs
Work Projects Administration

Bureau of Research in the Social Sciences The University of Texas
Official Sponsor

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