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Milam County Historical Commission
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MCHC Meeting Agendas - 2018
                             Milam County Historical Commission
                                February 12, 2018 - 10:00 AM
                                St. Thomas Episcopal Church
                               302 E. Davilla Ave., Rockdale

1.Call to Order  - Welcome/Volunteer Hours
2.Pledge to the U.S. and Texas State Flags
3.Recognition of Hosts and Guest(s)
4.Approval of the December 11 , 2017 Minutes
5.Treasurer’s Report
6.Committee Reports
     a.Bridge Committee - Jack Brooks
       1.Pavilion at Bridge Park dedication August 1st

     b. Cemetery Committee - Jack Brooks

     c. CLG - Geri Burnett
       1. $50,000 NPS Grant application for Rancheria Grande has been awarded
       2. CLG grant application for video was denied
       3. The Committee will focus on cemeteries in 2018.

     d. Marker Committee - Joan Ratliff
       1. Only 155 markers were approved state-wide. Four applications for historical
          markers were submitted. 
          Approved:San Andres Masonic Lodge, Rockdale Chamber Rock House,
          Old City Cemetery
          Not approved:  Historic Bridges of Milam County

     e. Preservation Grant Fund - Denice Doss
       1. The Kay Theater has completed the 2017 project.
       2. The Rockdale Historical Society has completed the 2017 project.
       3. The ECR has requested an extension on the sign at Apache Pass.

     f. Public Relations – Beth Brooks
       1. Excellent articles on the NPS Grant in the Rockdale Reporter and the Cameron
     g. Strategic Plan – Joan Ratliff
     h. Other Committees

7.Old Business:
     a. El Camino Real de los Tejas National Trail report – John Pruett
       1. Model Trail Community informational meetings March or April
       2. Texas Parks and Wildlife episode on the ECR airing the week of February 11th
          on PBS.
       1. Austin KLRU, Channel 8 Sunday at 10 am & Thursday at 5:00 am

       2. Bryan-College Station, Channel 15 – Thursday at 7:30 pm, Saturday at 6:30 am,
          Sunday at 4:00 pm

       3. Milam County will host the ECR Annual Conference in October, 2020
     b. Save the Old City Hall (STOCH) – Geri Burnett
       1. Continuing to make public aware of the importance of saving the Old City Hall.
          Members will research and submit historical articles to The Rockdale Reporter
          and will ask for old photos and stories.
       2. Stan Graves is preparing a comprehensive report due this summer.
       3. Lynn was contacted by a gentleman building a to-scale copy of the OCH for the
          restoration of the Rockdale 1929 town model.

     C. Texas Historical Commission Real Places Conference January 10-12 in Austin.
          Attending were Geri Burnett, Lucile Estell, Carolyn Temple and Lynn Young.

     D. Bridge Postcards – Geri Burnett
        We have 20 packets of 8 cards.   $15 per packet.

         8.Other Old Business
9.New Business:
     a.After serving as Treasurer for many years Darleen Tucker has offered her
     b.MCHC Bylaws, Article IV – Officers:

Section 7.  Resignations:
       Should an officer resign from a position, taking nominations from the floor
         following the resignation will fill the remainder of the position term.
         A majority of those present, qualified to vote, will constitute the winner.
     c.Darleen has requested an audit of the books.  Appointed to audit the books are John Pruett, Joan Ratliff and Geri Burnett.
     d.An application for an Emergency Grant to install a French drain at the Courthouse has been submitted to THC.  A decision will be made in late April.
     e.We have invited Bob Brinkman, Coordinator, Historical Markers Program, for an area-wide workshop on the application process and restoration.
     f.Other New Business
1.Lynn and Geri met with Chris Whittaker and Gary Griesbach regarding the possibility of acquiring some of the items from Alcoa to exhibit.  Chris has offered room at a city park.  Lynn has written to Alcoa’s management.

     a.MCHC will host the First Friday Coffee – November 2, 2018
     b.Lynn will present the MCHC annual report to the Commissioners Court on Monday,
       February 26th at 10:00 am.  All are invited to attend.
     c.Future meeting places:
        April 9 – Forest Grove Christian Church, 8902 S US Hwy 77, Rockdale           
        June 11 -  First Presbyterian Church,  1600 Alcoa, Rockdale
10. Adjourn meeting

Milam County Historical Commission is an appointed arm of the Milam County Government
and is subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Lynn Young, Chairperson, Milam County Historical Commission