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          Never forgotten Names of War Dead Read During Memorial Day Ceremony
                            Rockdale Reporter - June 1, 2016

The memory of 235 Milam County war dead was honored Monday in Rockdale’s annual Memorial
Day ceremony. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6525 hosted the event at the post home.

The VFW and American Legion Carlyle Post 358 alternate the annual service. “Because of
them we are free,” master of ceremonies Lt. Col (ret.) Art Free said. “Because of them
our nation lives.”

ROLL CALL — Names on the Milam war dead list were read by RHS students Jordan Jerman,
Trevor Knesek, Walker Crane, Claire Jenkins and Macy Knesek.

Those in the audience who remembered, or who are family members, were asked to repond
with “here” when familiar names were read.

The Communities in Concert Band, under the direction of Lee Thomason, offered several
musical numbers, including service anthems as members of each armed service branch stood
and were recognized during their particular anthem.

Color guard was composed of VFW members Larry Mott, Larry Rubino and Crystal Hurt Taylor.

Rubino officiated at a ceremony honoring those missing in action and prisoners of war.

Names of Milam County war dead, who are inscribed on a monument at the courthouse in
Cameron, are:

WORLD WAR I — John H. Andrews, John M. Batey, Harry W. Beavers, Ben Bennett, Joe Brown
Jr., Jesse J. Bullard, Lenon T. Burgess, Hicks R. Carlyle, James W. Carlyle, Samuel T.

Lloyd W. Clarke, William M. Craben, Fred David, John T. Davis, Mahan H. Doggett, Rudolph
Fieseler, Jesse L. Flemming, Rogers Franklin, Charles Green, William E. Hardy, Ollie

Emil Hengst, John T. Hill, Theodore Hoes, Jake G. Hollingsworth,loyd A. Jackson, Adolf F.
Klement, Edmond Krull, Joseph A. Kunz, John T. Lanier, Oliver H. Lankford.

Frank Larza, Edd Lowery, Robert A. Martin, Jesse Matthews, Roy W. May, Branch Miller,
Joseph P. Micak, Lee H. Mullinax, Willie A. Roberts, Joe V. Salac, James Seaton, Frank W.

William L. Sefcik, Sandy Shepard, Daniel N. Smith, Aubrey Storey, David V. Tapp, Lee
Thompson, Ira W. Walker, Leonard T. Warren, Elbert S. Westbrook, Kelly M. White, Manuel
White, Charlie M. Williams, George L. Wright.

WORLD WAR II — Elton L. Abernathy, James C. Allen, L.C. Angell, George Aplin, Willard M.
Avrett, William E. Baggett, Henry A. Baker, Wade H. Bankston, Victor J. Barchenger, Owen
J. Barker.

Paul C. Bartlett, Clyde D. Batte, Aldine Beard Jr., Johnnie E. Beard, Morris J. Beasley,
Robert J. Bennett, Tommy S. Blake, Homer D. Bland, Otto D. Breitkreuz, James P. Brown,
Billy B. Bryan, Aaron Burns, Wilma T. Caldwell Jr.

Elbert Callaway, E. H. Caywood, Frank C. Chernoskey, C. W. Critchfield, Jesse M.
Critchfield, Ernest A. Davis, James R. Dobson, Leon G. DuBois, John Dunnam, Woodrow W.
Ermis, Marvin L. Ethridge.

Elton Fisher, Homer D. Frazier, J.B. Fulcher, Howard Galbreath, Edward Gandy, Clifford D.
Garner, William C. Gillis, Thomas H. Gilliland, George Goodwin Jr., Robert N. Griffin,
Julius S. Hardin, Dillard D. Harris, James T. Harris.

Jessie Hernandez, John Hernandez, Vincente Y. Hernandez, Joseph J. Hubner, Wesley Howard
Hoover, Howard G. Hickman, Burton A Hill, Curtis E. Hill, William D. Horton, Gilbert L.

Howard V. , Harry Johnson, Don L. Johnson, Roy W. Jones, Loma T. Judkins, Van Kennon, Joe
E. Kleypus, George R. Knight, Johnnie C. Krause.

Frank J. Kutnak, Edwin E. Kuzel, Thomas P. Lane, Clayton D. Lassiter, Guthrie F. Layne
Jr., Otto W. Lehmann.

William A. Lewis, Calvin C. Lively, Major R. Looney, Albert E. Lumpkins, Wayne H.
McCallum, Dudley V. McGuyer, John C. McGregor, Wilburn D. McKay, Alvin C. Manning, Rufus
P. Marin.

Albin C. Martinek Jr., Frank Meeks Jr., Gilbert O. Menzel, Thomas A. Merritt, Marvin
Mode, Edward E. Moerbe, Pedro Moreno, Johnny M. Morton, Melvin A. Moses, Thomas M.
Nelson, Roger T. Newton, William J. Newton.

Joe Novotny Jr., Sam Oliver, Jose Ordonez, George H. Peets, Del Posival, Jesse D. Pratt,
Charlie A. Reimer, Homer F. Reimer, Roy Reyes, Jose M. Rivera, Earnest Ross Jr., Winfred
R. Russell, Wesley E. Scheer, Laurence C. Schiller.

Ewald E. Schroeder, Elmer Schwinger, Max Schwinger, John W. Sebek, Ferol Server, O.V.
Sheffield, Max L. Shelton, James T. Shuemate, Ralph Sides, Lee Simmons Jr., Jay W. Smith.

Howard K. Stallcup, Claborn A. Steele, Graham H. Stringer, Arthur Taylor Jr., Frank M.
Tepera, Frank M. Terry, Stephen D. Terry, Jerry F. Tomek, Claude Turner, James S. Tyson,
Walter J. Ulicnik.

Quintin Vasquez, Otis Walker, John H. Wallace, Coy M. Weems, Delbert Wells, Marvin J.
Wentrcek, Robert White, Vernon Willeford, Milton T. Williams, Orville D. Williams, E. F.
Wolle Jr., William Worcester, Halfred P. Wutrich, J.Z. Young, August J. Zavodny.

KOREAN WAR — Ivy O. Backhaus, Nicolas Garza, John Hale Jr., Charlie E. Hux, Robert D.
King, Tom King, Joe McMurray, Frank Meek Jr., Frank H. Thompson.

VIETNAM WAR — Albert L. Bell, William R. Binker III, Howe K. Clark Jr., Tommie J. Clark,
Charles W. Clinard, Felix M. Conde-Falcon, Robert M. Dauphine, Weldon D. Davenport,
Dennis W. Fisher, James T. Griffin Jr., Billy J. Holt, John L. Rosemond, Allen P. Weaver.

WAR ON TERROR — Darryn D. Andrews, Charles L. Price III.

PERSPECTIVE — Free quoted General George S. Patton during his brief speech: “It is
foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men
lived,” Patton said.

Above Left: Lee Thomason (foreground) and Rob O’Dell play ‘Echo Taps’
Above Right: Ken Clark (R) and Chris Whittaker salute.
Thomason, Clark, O'Dell, Whitaker
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