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                        'Bridge Park’ Plans in First Stages by City
              By Chris Whittaker (Rockdale City Manager) and Mayor John King
                               Rockdale Reporter - 2015-10-08

In the next few weeks, Rockdale will get two additional out-of-service bridges from the

The first one, the Henderson Crossing Bridge, has been there for a few years at the skate

The bridge came from just outside Rockdale and was moved there by generous support from
Perry and Perry Builders.

The two new bridges, Galbreath and Sheckles are two more former county bridges that we
plan to move to the flood plain located on the south side of US 79 and just to the West
of Southwest Milam Water Supply.

This is city property and nothing can be built there, other than a park, since it is a
flood plain.

Right now we are calling that area Bridge Park and expect to put in some benches and a
trail through there.

We will work with the Rockdale Parks Board and the historical commissions to work on
design, usage and restoration.

Both bridges will need a lot of work to get them usable and safe.

We will have to create piers to rest them on, replace timbers and repair metal structural

We are looking for ideas to name the park, other than just Bridge Park recognizing those
that have contributed to Rockdale history.

Thanks to those who have been instrumental in this process, Jack Brooks, Milam County
commissioners, James Perry (donated the Sheckles Bridge) and Perry and Perry Builders for
moving them.

Thanks also to Rockdale Public Works Director Zack Reeves and his Public Works Dept.
Employees who have cleaned up underbrush and scrub trees in the new park.

All credit for this article goes to
Chris Whittaker and John King
and the
Rockdale Reporter
One half on the trailer
Off she goes across the Cameron pasture on the way to Rockdale
One half in "Bridge Park"
Our sincere Thanks to Perry & Perry Builders for donating equipment, personnel and time for this project!
Cutting the bridge in two so that it could be transported
Photos courtesy of Jack and Beth Brooks
Photos courtesy of Jack and Beth Brooks