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                            Rockdale Reporter - 2015-09-24

The second of two abandoned former county bridges, destined for a new home at a Rockdale
park, has been freed from decades of undergrowth (and overgrowth).

The former Galbreath Bridge, County Road 240 at Big Elm Creek, has been the site of work
by volunteers led by Rockdale City Manager Chris Whittaker. Plans call for it and the
former Sheckles Bridge, which spanned the San Gabriel River at CR 429 to be placed at a
scenic city owned land on the south side of US 79, just west of the Southwest Milam
Water Supply Building.

Tentative plans call for moving the Sheckles Bridge later this week, according to City
Manager Chris Whittaker.

All credit for this article goes to
Rockdale Reporter
Galbreath Bridge
Photo courtesy of City of Rockdale
Galbreath Bridge